Monday, 10 November 2008

Social Innovation Camp.

I have just entered an idea into the December Social Innovation Camp.
Any comments or feedback that you can give to the idea would help it to be selected to go forward.

Just click here to go through to the link.
And any ideas for other names would be welcome.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sexual Scripts.

I was recently reading about sexual scripts that all have potential influence on someone's sexuality.
These were divided into three areas:

1) Cultural Script - A model of correct sexual behaviour provided by a particular culture i.e. by social authorities, but different social authorities provide different scripts which may also contradict one another ( teachers, the law, the church, parents ) and this therefore requires an individual to choose and blend them.

2) Interpersonal Script - A model of how sexual partners should interact with each other. A set of rules developed and followed by a couple before, during and after sexual contact. These are usually rules adapted by an individuals from the cultural rules.

3 )Intrapsychic Script - this is the individuals sexual behaviour patterns that have been developed in response to the various scripts provided by the social authorities and also in response to their own experiences with sexual partners.

I wondered if there was not also an innate script in people ?
And also when you have all of these scripts interwoven together in some way, which scripts shouts the strongest and how this differs between people, and is influenced in different people.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The value of sexual expression.

The value and importance that each individual places on acknowledging, exploring and expressing their sexuality varies greatly. This is determined by lots of things; how it sits alongside their own values, the very practical possibilities that their individual circumstances allow, as well as the many societal views that each of us have been conditioned to believe in. I also wonder how the freedom that each individual has or doesn't have to fully express their sexuality, impacts on the value they give it too?

In the majority of my professional guises I am working in the area of Social Innovation, constantly confronted by the very real social challenges that need addressing to create a more compassionate, equitable and sustainable world. There are times that I have questioned my own values in wanting to give time to the area of sexuality when I have thought that perhaps all of my time could be spent working on making the world a better place. But I still come back to it, and not only because it is the area I have chosen to focus on for my MSc but also because I just believe that sexual expression can lead to a more meaningful life, which in turn can inspire and energise people to want to engage in other areas of life. 

I wonder how sexual expression can find itself a less-judged and more outwardly significant place within human experience?

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Express Yourself.

I am at the start of my final research paper for my MSc in Positive Psychology. The paper is a qualitative study looking to understand how people experience sexual expression, how their sexual expression relates to their overall well-being and what value people place on exploring and expressing their sexual selves.

This blog is where I will start talking about my research, and share with you the ideas and visions that I have for a future whereby sexual expression is given an importance beyond just momentary pleasure, where people give themselves permission to explore what sexual expression means to them, and hopefully find ways to fully integrate their sexuality, whatever it may be, into their lives. 

I am not saying that everyone may wish to do this, but I hope that for those people whose sexuality feels like a pressing, powerful and fundamental part of who they are, from which they draw great energy, can find ways to understand and accept that about themselves, learn how to express it in their lives in a balanced and  joyful way, and to find others that they can share it with.

That is my hope for everyone.

And I am passionate about finding ways to make conversations about all of this happen. I am always amazed at how people's eyes light up when they find that they are finally in a space where they feel safe and relaxed to talk about it. My belief is that more people would like to talk about all of this - they just don't know how or they don't give themselves permission to. 

Hopefully people will start talking here.